Checkout? Heck, these items are not even going through SELF checkout. In fact, they're going right into the coats and handbags of shoplifters at your local Walmart, maybe even walked right out the exit in plain sight.

Ever wonder about what gets stolen most often from Walmart? You're not alone. I was curious, too.

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Five-finger discounts are strong among Walmart shoppers. They roll the prices of things they want ALL the way back to FREE.

The Odd Things People Steal from Walmart Stores

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While essentials like baby formula and food get swiped from Walmart all the time, there are some oddities that get stolen that might grab your attention, too, like sex toys.

Ha, ha, you don't have to wonder why there, do you? That kind of purchase, even at a self-checkout kiosk, can feel pretty embarrassing, but it doesn't make it right.

Shoplifting Raises Prices for People Who Can Afford NOT to Steal


STEALING IS ILLEGAL, PEOPLE! Not to mention, when people steal from Walmart, it hurts the company's bottom line which results in the prices of items you shop for there going up! What doesn't fit in a shoplifter's budget means taking a bigger bite out of YOURS.

What Are the Items Stolen Most Often from NJ Walmart Stores?

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Never noticed? Well, according to (who did some crowdsourcing via Reddit), these 11 items are disappearing from Walmart shelves right before your very eyes. So, what are people stealthily sneaking out of the retailer? Keep reading to find out what gets stolen most from New Jersey Walmart stores.

11 Most Common Shoplifted Items from NJ Walmarts

The 'five finger discount' culture is strong at your local Walmart. Ever wonder what people are stealing most often? Check out this list.

Gallery Credit: Heather DeLuca

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