Macy's will continue to downsize its department stores, reportedly closing another 150 locations nationwide. Will New Jersey be affected?

Macy's Announces More Store Closings
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Macy's to Close Another 150 Department Stores

By the end of 2024, another 50 Macy's stores will close their doors. Another 100 locations will go out of business by 2026.

The department store chain's revenue reportedly slipped 5.5% in 2023 compared to the year before, reports.

Why is Macy's Closing Stores Again?

Macy's Department Store
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Macy’s CEO Tony Spring called the locations targeted for closing 'underproductive'. It's a kind way of saying those stores just aren't attracting enough in-person shoppers anymore to justify staying open.

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Is Bloomingdale's Replacing Closing Macy's Stores?

Bloomingdale's 150th Holiday Window Unveiling x Billy Porter
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Macy's is the parent company of both Bloomingdale's department store and the luxury self-care chain and Sephora competitor Blue Mercury.

Blue Mercury Store Under Construction
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Macy's reportedly has designs on expanding both of those brands in the coming years, according to its CEO, so it's very possible one or the other could move into some of the shuttering Macy's stores. I certainly wouldn't mind either.

Is Macy's Closing Stores in New Jersey?

Macy's Mays Landing NJ
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There's no cause for alarm concerning your favorite Macy's location in New Jersey.

Macy's has not revealed which of its 50 will close in 2024, according to, so it's very possible stores in the Garden State are safe for now.

My greatest fear is that locations that seem devoid of much merchandise and empty most of the time I visit, like Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, for example, could be on a short list of stores Macy's is looking to close. But time will tell.

New Jersey is home to 25 Macy's stores, including Deptford, Cherry Hill, Maple Shade, and Toms River.

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