Fall's spookiest, most entertaining festival is fast approaching! But Witch Craft is so much more than just a place to sample beer and spirits. Check out all the escapades that await you in Hammonton, NJ this month.

Witch Craft Beer Festival is taking place Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th at Paradise Lakes Campground in Hammonton.

It's a truly savory haunt deep in the woods with lots to see, taste, and do.

You'll see some of the most incredible Halloween costumes, sip on craft beers and creations by local distilleries, and maybe even look into your future! Best of all, it all goes down after the sun does.

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Explore everything that's going on at 2023 Witch Craft (and be sure to grab your tickets)!

Psychics, Chainsaws, Drag, Oh My! Witch Craft Fest is More Than Beer!

Witch Craft, out in the woods of Hammonton October 13th and 14th, is so much more than a beer festival! Check out all the festivities you have to look forward to out at Paradise Lakes Campground.

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