New Jersey is arguing at the airport. Here are the five scenarios that get us Garden Staters worked up the most.

Ah, traveling.

Even when the destination is desirable, the art of getting where you're going can be a hassle, especially when it involves an airport and especially when you've got travel mates.


From leaving the house on time to making sure you have everything you need, a trip to the airport out of New Jersey and beyond can be an undertaking.

Someone always leaves a plane ticket or passport behind. Someone is always late to the meeting point. Traffic can complicate arriving to an airport on time. You're ride share or shuttle could be late. There are just so many variables!


The people at Airport Parking Reservations recently asked Americans their top bones of contention when traveling via with their family or friends.

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What does the survey reveal about New Jersey travelers? Here are the Top 5 Most Common Airport Arguments.

5. Lack of Sleep

Yawning Man
Sharon Barnes/thinkstock

Lack of sleep due to taking an early flight or an overnight one can make for grumpy travelers.

4. Losing a Boarding Pass

Passengers waiting at the airport/ Passenger using mobile phone

Misplacing the very document that allows someone entry on an airplane can upend a whole trip and cause friction with fellow travelers.

3. Delays and Cancellations

Travelers wait at security checkpoint at airport

Although passengers can rarely do anything about a flight getting delayed or cancelled, it can cause arguments about how to proceed.

2. Lost or Delayed Baggage

Airport Baggage Carousel

A lost piece of luggage or one that's arriving later than everyone else's can mean spending extra, unplanned time at an airport trying to locate said luggage or missing a shuttle or even a cruise!

1. Being Late to the Airport

Frustrated Driver

Whether a friend or family member overslept or was supposed to pick you up at a certain time and didn't or missed the exit to the airport, getting there late to catch a flight is the scenario that pisses New Jersey residents off the most and comes in as the #1 most common disagreement.


Maybe the next time you're at an airport and feel your anger bubbling under, grab a drink or read a book and try and be patient, lol. Happy travels!

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