I recently wrote a story about the Real ID and how New Jersey has set a date for implementation of this new ID.  The story garnered a lot of attention.

You are not required to get a Real ID, and you can still use your regular license for driving.  However, if you want to fly anywhere in the United States, you will need either a Real ID or a valid passport.  You will not be able to use your regular driver's license.

A day after the story was published, I went to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles to transfer my  Real ID/license from South Carolina to New Jersey.

I tried to provide my "6 points of identification" but was missing a utility bill.  The clerk was quick to point out that this wasn't a New Jersey thing, but rather, it was a federal requirement.

Fair enough, but that made me wonder- if I already provided 6 points of identification in SC, and if this is a federal system, why would I have to provide all that stuff again?

The clerk informed me that the information is required because the states aren't connected to the same system.  Huh?

So, if all the states have the same 6-point requirement and the same process to obtain the ID, why wouldn't all the states be connected to the same system?

Someone once said, follow the money if you want to know the truth.  New Jersey has about 6 million licensed drivers.  The Real ID costs 11 dollars more than a regular driver's license.  Do the math.  Could this be the real reason for the Real ID?

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