Back in the day, if you were attracted to someone, you'd approach them and start a conversation, and if all went well, you'd ask the person out on a date.

Sure, it could be awkward, especially if the person responded with something along the lines of, I like you a lot and hope we can just be friends.  

What does that even mean?

These days single people can avoid awkwardness by looking for companionship using online dating sites.

There are plenty of them.  A friend used to share her experiences using a dating site, and I was fascinated.

It was like browsing a catalogue looking for the perfect person.

It was also shocking to see what some guys sent this woman.  I'll leave it to your imagination.  I think it is clear why they might have problems finding a date.

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There's also a danger involved in using dating sites.

Are Online Dating Sites Safe in New Jersey

The good news for those who live in New Jersey is online dating in our state is safer than in most other states.

According to a report at, New Jersey ranks as the 12th safest state to participate in online dating.

They say that those in New Jersey are the least likely to match with a sex offender.

That's not all.  The report also  says you are least likely to contract an STD with someone you match within New Jersey (Stay away from Mississippi!)

Overall, the report says, Vermont is the safest state for online dating.

The Keys to Safe Online Dating

While New Jersey did well in this report, you should always be cautious.  

Never give out personal information until you've vetted the person you match with.

First dates should be in a public place like a restaurant, and whenever possible, should include other friends.

Give your plans to a friend you trust before going on a date.

If something seems off, it probably is.

Keep reading for online scams you should beware of.

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