Raise your hand if you're excited for summer?

No doubt, you're over the cold and rainy weather and longing for days full of sand and sunshine and nights full of bonfires and delicious cocktails. Believe me, I'm right there with ya.

Is there anything better than summer at the beach? In New Jersey, we're lucky to have our pick of them. No matter what specific beach vibe you're after, NJ can accommodate.

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There's plenty more to do in New Jersey during the summer than just go to the beach, though. We're within a few hours of some of the best cities in the country. Also, we've got mountains to the north and west. Day trips GALORE await the summer explorer here in the Garden State.

We all get so excited for the excitement of summer, that is, until we think about all the driving we're about to do. With driving comes gas. With gas comes a huge hole in your wallet.


Summer 2024 Gas Price Predictions

What you'll spend on gas in the Garden State during the summer depends on a variety of factors.

1.) Seasonal Demand:

During the summer, there's often an increase in demand for gasoline due to higher levels of travel, particularly for vacations, road trips, and outdoor activities. This increased demand can put upward pressure on prices.

2.) Crude Oil Prices:

During the summer months, reasons such as supply disruptions and changes in global oil production can lead to fluctuations in crude oil prices, sometimes affecting gas prices negatively for the consumer. It's never a good day when the cost per gallon increases.

3.) Global Economic Factors:

It's not surprising to learn that economic conditions can influence gasoline prices. Economic growth, inflation, and currency exchange rates can impact the cost of crude oil and, consequently, gasoline prices.


So, what can New Jersey residents expect to spend on gas during the summer of 2024? Well, that depends on who you believe. Some sources like the US Energy Information Administration say that it's looking like we shouldn't see too much of a spike in gas prices this summer. They don't expect them to drop drastically, either, but at least they won't go up too much. Other sources like this one claim that we should expect to pay over $5 per gallon.

So, who do we believe? All you can do is review the information presented and hope for the best. I sure hope we don't pay an arm and a leg to gas up at Wawa this summer. Only time will tell.

What if the gas prices aren't listed? Well, that's a problem...

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