It's beginning to be the time of the year where more and more of us will spend some time on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

We'll experience the views, the sight, the sounds, but more than anything, the food!

And when we're talking boardwalk food, what we really mean is boardwalk pizza!

Manco and Manco in Ocean CIty NJ
YouTube - One Bite Pizza Reviews

What's the best pizza on the Ocean City Boardwalk?

While there are many great choices on the Ocean City Boardwalk, we'll narrow today's battle to two of the heavyweights: Manco and Manco and Prep's.

Pizza review guru Dave Portnoy has done pizza reviews of both locations - and his scores are very similar: He gave Prep's a 7.1 score, while he gave Manco and Manco a 7.3 score.

Check out Dave Portnoy's review of Prep's Pizza in Ocean City

In the above video, Dave also did a bonus review of Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard, He wasn't very impressed by Kohr's, which is highly disappointing, right?

Watch Dave Portnoy's review of Manco and Manco Pizza in Ocean City


What's your favorite Ocean City pizza?

Time to cast your vote! What's your favorite Ocean City boardwalk pizza?

Is it summer yet?

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