Sure, you've heard of state songs, state birds, and state flowers, but did you know that every state also has an insect that best represents them, as well?

It's true. Contrary to what some might think, no, New Jersey's state insect isn't a tick. It's not a mosquito, either.

Actually, the Garden State's insect is appropriate for exactly that, a garden. What do you find in a garden? In a healthy and thriving garden, you'll probably find more than a few fruits and vegetables. You'll also find flowers. Flowers bloom via pollination. What's responsible for that? Bees, of course!

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Multiple sources have confirmed that the honeybee became New Jersey's official state insect back in the 1970s. It was in 1974 that a group of school children actually petitioned the government to name the honeybee NJ's insect due to the fact that it's a huge part of why we're referred to as "the Garden State." Obviously, it worked.

Without the bees, we wouldn't even have our state flower, the violet, to enjoy.

Since they're responsible for keeping our fruits, veggies, and flowers healthy and bright, the kids thought there was no other choice as obvious as the honeybee for our state bug. It was June 20, 1974 when NJ's Legislature enacted the bill now referred to as A-671. Brendan T. Byrne was New Jersey's governor at the time. He's the one who made it official.

To learn more about all of New Jersey's state symbols and how they came to be, be sure to check out all thirteen of them HERE.


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