You think you have New Jersey aaaallll figured out, don't ya? Well, believe it or not, there are a few things about the Garden State that will probably blow your mind.

Sure, everybody calls us the "armpit of America," but according to a survey from United Van Lines, people are still moving here. As they should be.


What's not to love about the Garden State? Amazing food, people with HUGE hearts, beaches, mountains, you name it. Jersey as it all!

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I hail from the Southwestern part of New Jersey which means I'm no stranger to all of the overplayed NJ stereotypes. While there are some of them that are pretty funny (because they can be true in certain circumstances), there are a lot of assumptions about the Garden State that are just plain wrong.  Believe it or not, New Jersey is full of pleasant surprises that will even sway the naysayers to become fans of the Garden State.


The truth about New Jersey

NJ's a really cool place. If there's anything to be said about the Garden State, it's that there's way more to it than meets the eye.

For all the "bad" aspects about New Jersey, there are SOOOOO many good ones, too. There's a reason why people love to live here. As a matter of fact, if more people knew the real truth about NJ, they might be more interested in checking out the state for themselves.


What about New Jersey do you think shocks people the most when they initially move here? Here's what most people had to say:

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