As if you needed another reason to take a trip to the Cape May Zoo, they just gave you another one.

If you're thinking about a day trip over Memorial Day Weekend in South Jersey, is there really a better place to take the entire family other than the Cape May Zoo? You, your friends and loved ones, and the precious animals that call the Cape May Zoo home; does it get any better than that?

Well, for the yogi in your life, it just might.

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No doubt, you're familiar with all the wonderful work the folks over at the Cape May Zoo do to ensure the animals in their care enjoy a wonderful life. Their work doesn't end with the animals, though. They're always thinking up new ideas of how to get visitors more involved, too. They've definitely come up with a good one this time.

You've heard of puppy yoga and goat yoga, right? Well, now you're about to hear about ZOO YOGA!

Why would you limit your yoga experience to just one kind of animal when you can participate in one of the most unique yoga classes with ALL of the animals that live at the Cape May Zoo? The more animals, the merrier, right?

Yoga at the zoo is going down this Saturday, May 27th at 8:45 a.m. Now, a few things you should know....

Usually, the zoo is free to visit. They accept donations, but there's no entrance free to the park. For events like this, though, there normally is some sort of minimum requested in order to participate. If you're interested in attending, just know that they're asking for a $15-$20 donation so they can continue to host events like this. The donation, though, will go directly towards feeding the animals. The zoo confirmed that in their event posting on Facebook.

For more information about yoga at the Cape May Zoo, click HERE.

Source: Facebook

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