Do you have a travel bucket list?

If you do, and Ireland is on it, you're in luck. If Ireland's not on it, you might want to think about adding it as a destination. The Irish isle of Arranmore doesn't just want you to visit, but they want you to relocate for good!

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The Irish Post shared a video to their Facebook page depicting an island in crisis. The video says that the population has dropped drastically over the last few decades and now, the island has sent a letter to Americans and Australians, particularly those with jobs that allow them to work remotely, in an effort to encourage a move Arranmore. The note expresses the island's appeal: it's great for families. Also, no matter where you need to go, your commute will be less than 45 minutes.

To be honest, it gives off a similar vibe to New England. Check it out!

If this looks like your brand new home, message the community's Facebook page for info. Those that hail from South Jersey and the Jersey Shore should feel right at home, right? It's still like living at the beach. No matter where you are on the island, you're within minutes of sun and sand. It sounds like the Irish version of shore life.

It'd feel like every day is St. Paddy's Day, but with a beachy twist. Who knows, maybe this Irish island is your new adventure? You won't know unless you look into it!

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