Is Bigfoot in South Jersey?

You and I might not be so sure, but several people have reported seeing a Sasquatch in the last 10 years - right here in South Jersey!

Many of the reported sightings have occurred in the Pine Barrens - but there have been other reports.

These reports are all thanks to BFRO stands for the Bigfoot Research Organization.

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Bigfoot reports in Atlantic County.

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Good news, Atlantic Countians! According to BFRO there have been no Bigfoot sightings in the county recently - or maybe ever!

2 reports of Bigfoot from Cape May County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

BFRO lists two reports of Bigfoot in Cape May County - one in Ocean City and one in Cape May.

(Yes, both are islands, accessible from the mainland via bridges.)

The sighting in Ocean City happened in November of 2016. A handful of people inside a house looked outside to see something just under six feet tall walking away from the house.:

"It was long-limbed, but clearly not human. Because of the lighting, it was in silhouette, but we could see that it was covered with hair. It was walking with its shoulders hunched forward, and did not appear to be in any distress."

The other report in Cape May County also happened in 2016 - in August near Cape May.

The person who reported the creature said it was his wife who was the witness:

"She heard an odd unfamiliar creepy moan sound and she was still blurry from just waking up, she swears it was a really big black thing. It walked out from behind one tree into or behind a brush area where she couldn't see it. It was then silent and she couldn't see it. She said it was big like a horse but not a horse."

Two Bigfoot reports from Burlington County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Burlington County seems to be the Bigfoot hub in South Jersey, with a number of Bigfoot reports turned in over the last twenty years or so.

The most recent reported sighting of Bigfoot took place in June of 2019 near the Speedwell entrance to Franklin Parker Preserve.

The witness says he was traveling on Route 562 south of Chatsworth when something on the side of the road caught his eye. At first, he thought it was a groundhog:

"I looked fully to the left and I saw an approximate 3 to 3.5' tall creature stand up on two legs as I passed by."

The witness says he turned his car around and went back:

"it looked like a cross between Curious George and the character Chaka from The Land of the Lost. Its face and hands as well as the tops of its feet were hairless and a light tan in color. The fur it was covered with was a golden brown a little darker than a golden retriever, very much like the color of a groundhog. I could not see the nose. When I locked eyes with it I could not see whites just big dark brown eyes. It stood there for a second or two when I rounded the bend and then took off running back into the swampy area. It ducked behind a short bush and when I drove past it I could no longer see it. "

Another sighting from Burlington County took place in June 2018 in the swamps of the Pine Barrens.

A government-connected snake researcher was in the woods when he saw something:

"I saw part of a dark figure go tree to tree. Long enough to know I wasn’t imagining it, but not long enough to identify shape, size, and detail."

Again, a number of encounters have been reported from the Pine Barrens over the last 40 or 50 years.


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