When I win the lottery, there will be signs.

I might not talk about it, but there will be signs.

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Hey! If you're going to spend $20 Million on a new home, you might as well do it right!

There's a house on the market where fun is included in the design. It's a way-over-the-top house that we can't wait for you to see.

Go Kart Track at Dream House

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The house is in Gilbert, Arizona.

If that doesn't work, maybe you can buy the house, put it on one of those big trucks, and move it to your desired location.  (Lots of luck!)

This house has everything you could possibly want. (I wonder who owns it and why they're selling it!)

In addition to a sensational house with 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, the property includes a basketball court (actually a covered basketball arena), a go-kart track, an indoor shooting range, remarkable resort-style pools, and much more.

There's a movie room, a man cave and game rooms, a ballet studio, and almost any amenity anyone can think of.


This is one great-looking piece of property!

The property is in the Arizona desert and the views are just awesome.

You must check out the photos below.

Naturally, the designs, the layout, the lighting, and the landscaping are all top-notch.

The listing is on Zillow.com, and the property just went on sale in mid-February, 2024.

Oh, your estimated monthly mortgage payment? How about $117,611!

Check out the pictures and let us know if the house is missing anything!

Oh - good luck in the lottery!

SOURCE: Zillow.com

When I Win the Lottery, There Will Be Signs

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