As a passionate New Jersey writer, I believe it's my duty to broach a topic that might not be on everyone's minds just yet - winter.

robertiez, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
robertiez, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

I know, I know, it feels too early to discuss chilly weather, especially after enduring seven consecutive weeks of weekend rain, but bear with me. With Halloween just around the corner, we all know that Thanksgiving and the holiday season are not far behind, and as the calendar flips, it's a clear indicator that winter weather is on its way.

So, it's wise to start thinking about the possibility of snow.

When we look into the historical patterns, it becomes apparent that we still have a little time before we can expect any substantial snowfall. In fact, it typically takes until December before we see any significant accumulation. 

ShaunWilkinson, Getty Images
ShaunWilkinson, Getty Images

The first snowfall in New Jersey varies by region, a fact well-documented by the National Weather Service's comprehensive snowfall statistics. 

Now, if we focus on Monmouth and Ocean Counties, you can typically anticipate the initial snowfall here in early to mid-December.

To provide you with a sense of recent years, let's delve into the first snowfalls in New Jersey:

  • Winter of 2022-2023: Our first snowfall appeared on November 18, 2022.
  • Winter of 2021-2022: In 2021, we witnessed our inaugural snowfall on December 27.
  • Winter of 2020-2021: Back in 2020, the first snowfall arrived on December 9.

While we may not be ready to embrace winter fully, it's prudent to prepare and start contemplating the inevitable return of snow to the Garden State.

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