Phone scams are on the rise at the Jersey Shore.

Howell Township Police have issued a warning to the increase of telephone scams especially for the residents that are senior citizens, according to

The Howell Township Police Warning on Phone Scams:

In all of the recent incidents that have been reported the initial contact occurs over the phone. There are various stories used during these telephone scams but the most common relate to an unpaid bill (IRS or utility bill) or money needed for a relative in trouble (bail, medical care).

The Howell Township Police Department reminds you to never pay anyone who requests a gift card. The money will be gone and there is no way to get that money back.

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artur, getty images

Also, never have anyone pick up money at your residence. This could be scary.

I know how scary this is. I remember when my Mom was alive she would get so many phone calls throughout the day that were trying to scam her out of money. My brother and I always told her, "please don't give out any information." She just didn't always understand why someone would do that. I always said to her - I don't know Mom, it's horrible.

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If you feel you are being scammed, please call your local police department and let them know. The only way they can help you is if they know. Let them know everything, from a phone call or something else.

Please remind your Mom or Dad or a senior citizen in your life not to give out any money or information.

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