When it comes to donuts I have to admit I am a bit of a bore. I like plain donuts with no frills. So this popular donut shop probably has more over-the-top varieties than I would normally have with my morning coffee, but the "base" Dood donut is delicious! I need Dominic to make a "Deconstructed Dood Donut" for the boring crowd like me :)


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24/7 Tempo published an article that named the best donut shops in America and their choice for us here in the Garden State is located right here at the Jersey Shore. In fact, it's right outside our Townsquare Studios here in Downtown Toms River, Uncle Dood's Donuts.


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According to 24/7 Tempo, using "Yelp" reviews and ratings:

Uncle Dood's Donuts: Robbins Street, Toms River, New Jersey

  • Yelp rating: 5 out of 5
  • Number of locations: 1
  • Sample specialty: Vermont Swine (maple bacon)



Unsplash.com Anita Klasanova


Something I think is unique about Uncle Dood's Donut Shop in Toms River is the way they constantly change the menu. Each month you get a different-looking menu, so they rotate their many "favorites" and they never get boring because they change with the months and seasons. In-fact. I would never call Uncle Dood's menu boring because their donuts always have a twist.


Unsplash.com Courtney Cook


So next time you want a coffee and a truly unique box of donuts stop by Toms River and hit up Uncle Dood's Donuts and bring cash! Uncle Dood's is a "cash only" shop, which for me is good because I never carry cash, or I'd be hitting Dood's every day! lol Surprise your family, friends, and co-workers with a box of one the best donuts in America and bring Uncle Dood's for breakfast, you will score some big points!



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