it is not uncommon to have the fleeting thought of whether or not the food you are getting at a restaurant is top quality.

You may have had that thought a few times at one of your favorite chains, especially if it is a fast-food restaurant.

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Listen, I love a good burger and yes, sometimes, I will get one at a fast food chain or a "faster" food chain.

We can debate whether or not ground beef, red meat, or whatever category you want to throw it in, is bad for you, but in moderation, no harm, right?  Again, we can question that at some other time.

Now the bigger question is, is the quality really there?

Ospan Ali, Unsplash
Ospan Ali, Unsplash

I remember a story, a while back, that a certain fast food chain served ground beef, which also contained horse meat.  Yes, that type of discovery will turn heads and make you question everything.

It makes sense to question everything moving forward.

You'd be very happy to learn, according to Eat This, Not That that some of your favorite chains are at the top when it comes to quality.

Now the good news; there were two chain restaurants on this list, that I was very pleased to see at the top of the list.  One is probably one of the most popular, and iconic fast-food chains in the world, while the other, is well-known, but may not be as popular.

Both, I'm a fan.

McDonald's Reports 3 Percent Drop In Revenue In Second Quarter
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According to Eat This, Not That, McDonald's boasts their quality on the website with "no fillers, additives, or preservatives" and that you can expect 100% real beef.

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Another chain, which is one of my favorites, is always on the list, and if you have gone to this restaurant, you may think it is obvious, but Five Guys is another top-quality fast food chain.  They also boast their fresh beef, and a fun fact, they do not have freezers in their restaurants, according to the article.

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