Well, there is good news and bad news with this post. Let's first begin with the "good news". We are talking about crime so when it comes to "good news" that's not something you hear a lot, but New Jersey does have some "good news" in the crime world. According to SafeWise, a security product review platform, "statewide violent crime has actually dipped 59 percent year-over-year, making The Garden State the fourth-lowest state for violent crime experience, according to their study." So that's some good news, being the 4th lowest state for violent crimes.


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Now the "bad news" when it comes to crime for us here in New Jersey. Here are the crimes residents in New Jersey worry the most about in a recent Patch article with data from Safewise.

  • Violent Crime 48%
  • Property Crime 46%
  • Gun Violence 52%
  • Package Theft 53%



So the #1 fear among residents in New Jersey is "package theft". This would probably fall under the topic of "porch pirates". Now that people get packages delivered on a daily basis, the chance of having packages stolen is at a higher risk. Forbes provided a list of things you can do to stop porch pirates from stealing your packages. Here are a few of the suggestions.

1. Have a Visible Security Camera on Your Porch

2. Leave Instructions to Conceal the Package

3. Use a Porch Lock Box

4. Follow Package Tracking

5. Require a Signature for Delivery


How do you feel in your town? Do you agree with the survey of most feared crimes?  Give us your comments, you can post them below.


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