What Makes A Delicious Cheeseburger?

It is an iconic "American" dish! The cheeseburger is the quintessential "American" sandwich. It is so popular it's been featured in movies, music, and more. Is there a diner in New Jersey that doesn't feature a cheeseburger on their menu? Are you getting hungry just thinking about a cheeseburger right now? Homer Simpson definitely is drooling right now. What makes a delicious cheeseburger? (IMHO)

  1. Fire-grilled medium burger
  2. Really good American cheese
  3. Delicious bun
  4. Lettuce
  5. Tomato
  6. Onion
  7. Pickle
  8. Ketchup


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Where Is The Best Cheeseburgers in America?

Lovefood recently did an article that highlighted the BEST cheeseburgers in America. "At its simplest, a cheeseburger consists of a beef patty, a bun, and a slice of cheese. Yet there's something about that classic combination that people simply can't seem to get enough of. So we've tracked down the best places to dig into a cheeseburger across the United States."


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Where is the BEST cheeseburger in New Jersey?

According to Lovefood, if you are looking for the best cheeseburger in the Garden State you need to visit Diesel and Duke. They have four locations in Montclair, Jersey City, New Brunswick, and Princeton. "All the burgers are delicious, but you can’t go wrong with The Standard. This hearty sandwich features a generous amount of American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, aioli, ketchup, and a toasted bun. Customers recommend the cheese fries, too." Have you been to Diesel and Duke? Have you had the "Standard"? I have not, but it's on my list. Give us your review of Diesel and Duke, post your comments below.


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