I think we can all agree that our pets are part of the family. We love our pets, if you don't you probably shouldn't have pets. With that said, it's not surprising we have pampered pups. "From companionship to emotional support, dogs are a vital part of their owners’ lives. In fact, 97% of pet owners consider their pets to be a part of their family, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey."  According to a new survey from Forbes Advisor, they compared all 50 states and ranked them.


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According to the Forbes Advisor survey, Florida topped the list with the most spoiled dogs in America. New Jersey finished 6th in America. Some of the findings for the Garden State included:

  • Nearly one in four New Jersey dog owners (23.5%) said they’ve put perfume or cologne on their dog, the eighth highest amount nationwide.
  • Garden State dog owners tied with dog owners in Pennsylvania and Virginia for being ninth most likely to throw birthday parties or other celebrations for their dog (38%).
  • New Jersey tied with Maryland for having the 10th highest percentage of dog owners who have pushed their dog in a stroller (24.5%).
  • New Jersey is also home to the 11th highest percentage of dog owners who have brought their dog on vacation (45.5%, tied with New Hampshire).


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So do you agree? Do you spoil your dog? If you do spoil your dog, how exactly do you spoil them? The survey included "signs" you are spoiling your dog, is this you?

  • Taking family photos with the dog (58.7%)
  • Buying the dog outfits and accessories (53.7%)
  • Spending more money on the dog’s health and grooming than on their own (45.8%)
  • Regularly preparing homemade dog food or treats (45%)
  • Ordering the dog a special treat at a restaurant (43.2%)


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