It's the question every year, will we have a white Christmas here at the Jersey Shore this year?

December 25th brings a lot of anticipation and happiness, but will snow be on the ground when Santa makes his rounds? Truth is, it looks like we might see a little this year.

AntonioGuillem, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
AntonioGuillem, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Living in the Northeast we just never know, but let's check with the experts and see what they have to say. I remember one year at Christmas it was so warm we were in shorts here in New Jersey, that was crazy.

choreograph, Getty Images
choreograph, Getty Images

The Old Farmer's Almanac always has the answers. Maybe not the answers we want, but I look to them for the right one. I am not a fan of snow, so let's find out. Will we have a white Christmas this year at the Jersey Shore?

From the Farmer's Almanac Facebook:

Looking at, we could see some flurries or white stuff, what? It's the truth.

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What is information for a white Christmas? This is a cool website, you can just put in your zip code and let you know what the expected weather will be. Can they be 100% sure, doubt it. If I put in a Toms River zip code, it reads...rain, snow, and chilly for December 23rd, December 24th, and December 25th, 2022. Try it, click here and put in your zip code.

Do you want Santa to bring snow this year? Maybe a little flurry would be pretty, but not a lot.

I know the kids on Christmas break would love tubing and it would be fun, but...I'm just not ready.

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