If you don't want to be bothered with cooking this year on Christmas Eve, maybe one of these spectacular restaurants will work for you and your family.

Not everyone has time to cook on Christmas Eve let alone Christmas Day. Lots of family members are traveling this year and in a hurry and no time for clean-up or cooking.

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Businesses in Ocean County are mostly closed and most restaurants are closed but some are open for the "big" day.

fotohunter, Getty Images
fotohunter, Getty Images

Several of these restaurants are open Christmas Eve and closed Christmas Day and some are open both days. I would check with your favorite restaurant to see if they're open Christmas Day, most that I've seen are only Christmas Eve.

Restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve in Ocean County: 

*Captain's Inn in Forked River - opens at 3 pm and reservations are required (Christmas Day closed)

*The Waterfront in Forked River - open Christmas Eve(Christmas Day closed)

*Biagio's in Lanoka Harbor - dining room is open for 4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm, reservations are preferred (Christmas Day closed)

*Rosie's in Ocean Gate - opens 3 pm - 10 pm (Christmas Day closed)

*B2 Bistro & Bar in Bayville - open Christmas Eve (Christmas Day closed)

Thank you to the patch.com for this information. Many of your favorite chain restaurants are open on Christmas Eve but closed Christmas Day, check with your favorite restaurant to see if they're open.

According to patch.com, Applebee's, Olive Garden, Outback Steak House, and Taco Bell are all open on Christmas Eve.

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