Wedding planning is stressful.  So much time and detail go into your big day, and most of the time, that big day is only a handful of hours.

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One of the biggest investments in the entire celebration is the venue.  For many couples, the venue, whether it is just for the reception, or wedding and reception, is the most memorable part of the entire event.  It's where the true party starts.

Alvin Mahmudov, Unsplash
Alvin Mahmudov, Unsplash

Most hold the venue to the highest standards - from the food to the ambiance, photos ops, you name it, the venue is it.

Depending on the location, amenities, and dining options a venue could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Now, after all the paperwork is signed and after the deposits are paid, the next step is to just focus on the wedding, right?  Yes, most of the time.  Until something like this happens.

According to there is a very popular venue in Morristown that decided to make a change that no one expected.  Let's just say, clients, with upcoming weddings, are far from excited about this change.

The Madison Hotel in Morristown is underfire by couples who have already signed their contracts.

The couple is angry for a few reasons, one being the drastic change in appearance.

Madison Hotel Facebook
Madison Hotel Facebook

The original space was a bright, gold and white, layout.

I can tell you from experience when my wife and I were looking for our venue, the ambiance and views sold us.  If that changed in any way without our knowledge prior to signing, we would not be happy.

According to the report one of the bride's comments:

“We booked the Ballroom for its gorgeous gold accents, more neutral tones, and loved the aesthetic when we saw it in person,”

As you can see, this is drastically different.

Others were more frustrated that they found out by a social post and not a phone call but according to, when they reached out to the investment group's representative, that owns the hotel:

Everyone had been reached out to/connected with within 48 hours. One or two got to us first before we got to them.

When signing a contract, we are supposed to uphold that contract and not break it.  If we do, we are financially obligated.

I guess there isn't an easy decision here.

If you're going to renovate, you need to pull the trigger and just do it or at least offer some sort of concession in my opinion.

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