Whether you're a social drinker at one of your favorite local bars, or just hanging at home for a game night and some drinks, ladies night out, and birthday parties, New Jersey - we love our alcohol.

According to brewersguildnj.com, we have well over 100 breweries, distilleries, and wineries across the Garden State.

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The #1 drunkest city in New Jersey

This surprised me, it's Ocean City, NJ. Isn't Ocean City a dry city in New Jersey?

Recently, a survey was done the drunkest cities in each state of America. It's crazy to think there was a survey, but it's true. Several towns in different states where they were the number one for enjoy the alcohol, according to 247wallst.com, Nevada - Reno, North Carolina - Wilmington, Pennsylvania - Pittsburg, and of course, Ocean City in New Jersey.

According to 247wallst.com,

In New Jersey, Ocean City ranked #1 with 23.3% of adults stating that they drink excessively. Statewide, Jersey was the 25th highest at 18.6%.

From fox29.com:

Ocean City's population is approximately 95,634 people. Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol were 31.7% for Cape May County, which is higher than the statewide average of 22.8%, 9th lowest in the US.

The study shows the national average for adult excessive drinking is 19.8%, and 34 metro areas drink above that rate.

We all love to celebrate with our favorite drink. It's funny I just called a friend who visits Ocean City, NJ every summer and she says she brings her alcohol from home when at the rental. She laughed when I said, "Ocean City is the #1 drunkest city in New Jersey."

I would think of a bigger town, a town with lots of bars, this was a surprise to me. Guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

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