It's important to be informed about self-defense in a world where it's sadly needed.

How many times have you heard someone say "we live in different times now."  Growing up, my Mom would always tell me about how she walked freely around Brooklyn as a child.  Now, most people would never allow their kids to walk around alone, since kidnapping and other violent crimes are on the rise.

Sadly, we live in a world where you need to protect yourself.  As a woman who is small in stature, I especially feel this way.  Women need to be vigilant when doing simple activities like walking back to their car alone at night or walking far to take out the trash.

There are a number of small but useful self-defense tools on the market to aid in this process.  I've seen some of my friends carry pepper spray and self-defense keychains.  Sadly, these are not legal in every state.  There are some states that will even prohibit online sales of these products. But are these tools legal in New Jersey?

Is it legal to carry pepper spray in New Jersey?

According to The Law Offices of John Zarych, pepper spray is not legal in New Jersey, however, there are some important details about this law.  The website states you can only carry pepper spray if you're over 18, have no criminal history, and the spray is no more than .75 oz.  Using pepper spray with the intent of committing a crime is illegal.

Is it legal to carry a taser in New Jersey?

Yes.  Per US Law Shield, you cannot carry a taser or stun gun outside of your home.  The laws surrounding tasers and stun guns are more complicated than pepper spray laws, so be sure to educate yourself and ask an expert before making any purchases. 

Hopefully, we'll be able to live in a world where self-defense tools like these are not needed, but until that day comes, be smart and informed on how you can protect yourself.

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