⚫One NJ town made the list on top 15 prettiest

⚫From Forbes Magazine, this adorable NJ town made the tops list and it's not a beach town

⚫This New Jersey town is perfect for shopping, dining out, and antiquing

Antiquing is so popular and I love this town in New Jersey. It is the perfect place to shop around on a Sunday afternoon, it won't be a wasted trip.

What do you look for when you go antiquing? Is it pictures? Are you a collector of clocks, phones, and figurines? I would love to know.

This little town is such a cute New Jersey town.

What New Jersey made the list of the top 15 prettiest towns in America?

It is Lambertville, NJ.

According to Forbes, Lambertville is on the list of the prettiest because of it's charming streets, activities throughout the year, and the shopping and dining is just perfect for locals and those traveling to New Jersey.

google maps
google maps

What I really liked about this choice, it's not a Jersey Shore town. Usually, we see this lists and it's a pretty Jersey Shore town that makes it, like Cape May. Yes, Cape May is beautiful, but it sure is nice to find another quaint and lovely town make the list.

Keep reading: Lambertville recently got voted as one of the best antiquing towns in the Northeast. 

Lambertville is know for welcoming visitors with awesome galleries, shops, and different types of restaurants. It's the perfect distance from Pennsylvania and New York.

Lambertville is so different than the norm from New Jersey because it's not a beach town and it's not near the turnpike or parkway.

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