The fabulous Jenkinson's Aquarium, Point Pleasant Beach just renovated their second floor.

Jenkinson's Aquarium is always such a fun place to go. It doesn't matter the age of your kids, they will love it.

What's on the newly renovated second floor of the aquarium? The monkeys, parrots, touch tanks, and a brand new habitat for the one and only Wally the Sloth. You have to check out Wally.


Right now until the end of January get 1/2 price admission tickets for Jenkinson's Aquarium. This excludes weekends and holidays. But, that's perfect, take the family. Wow, the second floor looks almost magical. It looks amazing.

Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook Page
Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook Page

One of the greatest gems of New Jersey is Jenkinson's Aquarium. It is a fun place to learn and check out so many cool things. From seals to penguins to sharks this place has it all. And, I mentioned Wally, the Sloth. Especially in wintertime is when I took my daughter, it's the perfect place. I used to take her every year, sometimes twice a winter. It never grew old on us. The newly renovated second floor looks amazing and I can't wait to check it out. From Jenkinson's Aquarium Instagram:  

The gift shop on your way out of the aquarium is one of the best on any boardwalk. Make sure to check it out on your way out of the aquarium.

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