The right to be naked. Where are we allowed to be naked in New Jersey and is it legal to be naked on your own property in New Jersey? I know weird questions, right?

We know of some of the public places where it is legal like Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook and other places in the Garden State.

deagreez, getty images
deagreez, getty images

From my "naked article" article yesterday we found out these places are clothing optional. Goodland Country Club, Sky Farm in Basking Ridge, and Rock Lodge Club is another place where it's ok to go naked.

We know you can be naked in these places in New Jersey but what about in our own homes and yards in the Garden State. Is being naked on our own property legal?

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It is legal to sunbathe naked in your yard, but of course, if you have neighbors that can see you, well then??  Also, remember take into account, that it is not legal to expose yourself in the presence of anyone 13 or younger intentionally so if you live across from a school, that matters.

If you want to shed your clothes, do it where most likely your hidden from your neighbors and I would definitely choose my back yard and not my front yard. We all like to feel free and shed clothing in the "privacy" of our own homes. Privacy being the key word and not for the whole world to see everything.

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