Are you in search of a delightful holiday getaway not too far from home? Look no further -- Cape May is always a fantastic destination!

For the holidays in this charming seaside village, recommends Cape May's 50th Annual Christmas Candlelight House Tours. According to their website,

"This self-guided walking tour is a celebration of the best of Cape May during the Christmas season. As you traverse the gaslit streets, you'll be serenaded by musicians and carolers. The tour takes you inside homes, inns, B&Bs, churches, and hotels, offering a glimpse of both Victorian and more modern interiors, all beautifully adorned for the holidays."

When it comes to hotel suggestions, gathering insider insights is easy -- just ask for recommendations. Real reviews are the key!

We recently took to our social media accounts to inquire about your experiences in Cape May and the best places to stay.

Below is your carefully curated list of recommendations and a few additional comments you shared.

Cape May Hotel Recommendations

Without hesitation, the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast was quickly recommended and endorsed, with numerous individuals expressing their love for the charming establishment.

Congress Hall via
Congress Hall via

Congress Hall and Sandpiper Beach Club were highlighted as excellent options, and it was noted that they offer an added perk of complimentary train admission.

Several individuals recommended The Virginia Hotel, underscoring its advantageous proximity to Washington St. as a significant benefit. Additionally, the Grand Hotel and Queen Victoria received commendations from multiple contributors.

Overall, Congress Hall emerged as the clear favorite, garnering overwhelming praise and endorsements from the majority of our followers.

If you decide to visit Cape May, I hope you have a wonderful time this holiday season. I'm sure it will be a magical Christmas experience.

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