Hey Jersey! What's The Loudest Thing In Your Neighborhood?😱

Dictionary.com defines noise as "sound, especially of a loud, harsh, or confused kind: deafening noises."  Noise usually is not a good "tag" to have attached to whatever it is you are doing. If you are speaking and it's referred to as "noise", that is not a good thing;. If you are performing music and it's referred to as noise, that is not good. If you are working in your yard and it's called "noise" this too is not good. If your dogs are barking, well most times people will say it's "noise". 

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So we wanted to ask you at home "What is the noisiest thing in your Jersey neighborhood?" So many of you responded and it wasn't just "noise" lol. All kinds of things were listed on social media:

Rich: "That's rough... It's between the military base which for me is the sounds of freedom or our new neighbors with their music on Friday and Saturday nights. (Don't come at me unless you know what I'm talking about)"

John: "A large tarp hanging off a house and trees in Brick"

Lisa: "The little girl who lives behind me. There can be 10 kids playing in the yard but the only one you hear is her. Slider… closed!!!"

Barbara: "The gas powered leaf blowers all my neighbors use every single day in the summer."

Marianne: "The loud exhaust system on my neighbors muscle car. Extremely annoying when he starts it at 5am and wakes up the neighborhood"

Dale: "Mourning doves that wake me up"

Dawn: "The construction work for new houses three streets over"

Debbie: "The traffic on Brick Blvd."

Molly: "Planes even from the base"

Sheryl: "Its a toss up between my next door neighbor banging on drums.making noise (never actual music which wouldn't bother me) and since I'm close to JBMDL the sounds of freedom on high level noise training days gets my dog going."

Susan: "It’s a toss up between my neighbor yelling at his wife or their dogs constant barking"

Jacki: "The kid down the street ridding his dirt bike up and down the street"

Tom: "Not sure if it’s my neighbors Harley or my other neighbors mouth, I think it’s the mouth."

Chris: "Car horns and alarms, the water treatment plant across the highway"

Rita: "The darn foxes!!!"

Linda: "My son-in-law"

Mary: "Newspaper Delivery guy’s car at 4:30 am"

David: "My neighbors in general"

Jim: "Until five months ago it was my mother in-law"

Seth: "My snoring"

Glenn: "Me"

Paul: "My neighbors truck"

Heather: "The Base"



These are just some of the comments you shared. What's the loudest thing in your neighborhood? Post your comments below




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