It's always sad to see one of our favorites pass away at the aquarium.

A penguin favorite Dunlop, has passed away.

Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook Page
Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook Page

With the sad news Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook page:

We are beyond devastated to announce the passing of our Dunlop.
Dunlop had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma back in May/June of 2023 and underwent multiple procedures and treatments to rid him of the cancer. Over the last 5-6 months, Dunlop had been living his best life with his wife, Kringle.
As we rounded his 6 month check-up with his oncologist, we unfortunately discovered another mass. Because of all the trials and tribulations from his previous mass removal, we were able to effectively and efficiently remove this new mass almost as quickly as it appeared. Although our hopes were high and Dunlop went through his procedure effortlessly, the chances that the cancer could spread to places we couldn’t see had always been a possibility.
Unfortunately, the days that followed this last procedure started to confirm those fears as his condition began to rapidly decline. Even after multiple efforts to make him comfortable, as a team, we came to the incredibly difficult decision to humanely euthanize Dunlop the morning of February 15, 2023. He spent his morning surrounded by an enormous amount of human love from his keepers, as well as special time with Kringle, his partner of 20+ years.
We are truly shattered over the loss of Dunlop, so soon after our Checkers. He was our first successful chick hatched here at the aquarium 31 years ago. He is and will always be the most handsomest mans in all the lands. His swagger and side eye will never be forgotten.
We will miss him and now we need to make sure his penguin wife is OK, Kringle we will come visit you often.
Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook page
Jenkinson's Aquarium Facebook page
So sorry for all the aquarium keepers taking care of him. Jenkinson's Aquarium loves their animals so much, this is heartbreaking.
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One of the greatest gems of New Jersey is Jenkinson's Aquarium. It is a fun place to learn and check out so many cool things. From seals to penguins to sharks this place has it all. And, I mentioned Wally, the Sloth. Especially in wintertime is when I took my daughter, it's the perfect place. I used to take her every year, sometimes twice a winter. It never grew old on us. The newly renovated second floor looks amazing and I can't wait to check it out.

The fabulous Jenkinson's Aquarium, Point Pleasant Beach just renovated their second floor.

Jenkinson's Aquarium is always such a fun place to go. It doesn't matter the age of your kids, they will love it.

What's on the newly renovated second floor of the aquarium? The monkeys, parrots, touch tanks, and a brand new habitat for the one and only Wally the Sloth. You have to check out Wally.

Jenkinson's Aquarium is located at 300 Ocean Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

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