During my recent trip to the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, I
came across something truly special—the Secret Garden and Atrium. It's a peaceful oasis tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of the mall, showcasing the beauty of nature.

The garden is a delightful display, carefully crafted with lush moss decorated with pumpkins and sunflowers. As you stroll through, you'll encounter adorable gnome sculptures that add a touch of magic.

Exploring the Secret Garden and Atrium at the American Dream Mall felt like a perfect blend of nature and art—an artistic and serene experience. I'm excited to share a glimpse of it through some photos I captured during my visit!

Sam Elliot - American Dream Mall
Sam Elliot - American Dream Mall

The beauty of this place truly comes alive as you browse through more photos. From water features to overhead displays, atriums, and charming gnomes, you'll start to grasp the enchanting atmosphere of this space.


If you're a sunflower enthusiast, you'll be thrilled by the extensive variety of flowers.


There are plenty of fantastic spots to capture family photos for that ideal fall photo session.


The meticulously designed garden, adorned with lush moss, adds to the whimsical atmosphere. The presence of water, flowers, and decorations further enhances its charm, creating a delightful experience.


The pumpkins are a lot of fun and definitely contribute to that Halloween vibe.


Water always brings a sense of calm, and the dancing water features in this area make it a tranquil spot to unwind during what might otherwise be a stressful day of shopping.


The gnomes really bring a whimsical vibe to the entire area. When you add in the Halloween-themed displays, complete with intricately carved pumpkins, the whole place transforms into a lively fall fantasyland.


For hours of operations and more information, visit their website here: American Dream

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