Looking for some fun and great food, check out some Point Pleasant Beach restaurants' as they came together for a fun-filled scavenger hunt. I love this.

You hear scavenger hunt and you instantly thing, find things. Not this perfect scavenger hunt, this is even better. It's all about eating each restaurants delicious food and possibly winning the game. It's a chance to win $450 in gift cards.

mikhail basov, getty stock, thinkstock
mikhail basov, getty stock, thinkstock

The scavenger hunt was put together by Point Culinary Collective - a local group of Point food businesses who all support each other.

Check out the restaurants that are apart of the scavenger hunt:

Point Culinary Collective Facebook page
Point Culinary Collective Facebook page


Here's all the information and how to be a part of this fun event throughout this month and next month. The Point Culinary Collective Facebook page:

This runs ALL of February & March 2024, Don’t Miss Out!! Embark on a culinary journey by visiting every restaurant on our scavenger hunt.

Once you successfully check off each task, you'll automatically be entered into a raffle for a chance to win $450 in gift cards. Three winners will be chosen, that's right, you could win $50 towards each of these amazing local establishments!
Participants must spend, minimum, the amount listed for each restaurant on the board. After visiting each restaurant, show this paper to staff to receive a stamp of completion. Once all boxes are stamped, fill out your information below to enter the raffle. Feel free to leave your completed paper at the last visited restaurant. By completing the hunt, you stand a chance to win $50 gift cards from each establishment that participated in the hunt, totaling an enticing $450 ~ a total of three winners will be selected on April 1st.

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