I know we haven't gotten to Valentine's Day yet, but we usually are ahead of holiday events and it's just about a month or so til St. Patrick's Day. It's the return of the "green" and McDonald's is bringing back a fan favorite.


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So let's look back at the history behind the legendary Shamrock Shake. According to Indystar.com, "The Shamrock Shake was created in 1967 by Connecticut McDonald's owner and operator Hal Rosen in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. It debuted nationally in 1970." Here are some interesting "Shamrock Shake" facts courtesy of Indystar:

  • Shamrock Sundae was introduced in 1980, made with McDonald’s vanilla soft serve and topped with green Shamrock Syrup. It hung around for a year.
  • Chocolate was added to the Shamrock Shake for a limited time in 2017 nationally. The drink came with a limited-edition straw designed to deliver 50% chocolate and 50% mint in each sip.
  • Others, though, credit Rogers Merchandising in Chicago for creating the shake in 1970. And, get this, it was initially a lemon-lime flavor made with vanilla ice cream and lemon-lime sherbet, and vanilla syrup. By 1973, the shake was just a green-colored vanilla shake without the lemon-lime sherbet.


St.Patrick's Day
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So get ready folks, the Shamrock Shake returns to your McDonald's this Monday, February 5th. If you have never had a Shamrock Shake, you do not know what you are missing. For me, it's a sign of spring. When the Shamrock Shake appears spring is right around the corner so that's a welcome sight and I know you are ready for spring. See you online at McDonald's Monday and please add just a little extra whipped cream to my Shamrock Shake.


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