Did You Feel New Jersey Rock?

I was in our Downtown Toms River studio doing an interview when the entire studio started shaking. Equipment was moving and there was a rumble and at first I thought someone was moving equipment, but then it became more intense and I knew it had to be more and yes as I ran out of the studio there were other co-workers all saying "Oh my goodness I think we just had an earthquake". I spoke with my wife at home in Southern Ocean County and she confirmed the whole hose shook.


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According to NJ.com "A 4.8 magnitude earthquake, centered near Lebanon in Hunterdon County, rocked the east coast Friday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake could be felt up and down the East Coast, including in New York City, Delaware and Connecticut"



What an experience, very scary. We are on the 4th floor and for a moment I wondered if the building could possibly be damaged and if so would come down! Thank god that did not happen and we hope everyone is safe.


Where were you when the earthquake hit and what did you experience, post your comments below and please be safe.



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