On a recent episode of the Lou & Shannon Morning radio show on 94.3 The Point, the hosts engaged in a lively debate about tipping when it comes to delivery services. How did it all begin, you ask? Well, there was this audio clip circulating on social media. In the clip, a DoorDash delivery person had the audacity to say to a homeowner, "I just want to say it's a nice house for a $5 tip." And that's not all he said.

You can listen to the exchange here:

Lou & Shannon wasted no time and dove into a conversation about whether the tip was appropriate. When playing back the audio on their show, they both agreed that the delivery person completely crossed the line by ending the conversation with a bleeped out "F, you!" (Lou humorously telling the audience that the guy didn't say "thank you." Classic Lou!)

Now, here comes the question: How much should you tip? Lou & Shannon attempted to determine the DoorDash order amount. Was it $10? $50? Obviously, the tip amount probably depended on the size of the order. They both mentioned that if the order was around $20 or $25, a $5 tip would be appropriate, assuming it was a straightforward delivery without any extra challenges like climbing five flights of stairs or dodging three pit bulls. Later, thanks to the wonders of social media, it was revealed that the order was actually $20. So, a $5 tip would be a solid 25% of the order amount. (We also find out later that DoorDash promptly fired the guy for his inappropriate behavior.)

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Moving on to a broader topic: "tipping shame." Lou & Shannon wondered what is appropriate to tip at places where workers already receive a set wage or regular salary, like coffee shops. They questioned the fairness of those in plain sight touchscreens where you choose your tip percentage in front of everyone, starting at 20% and going all the way up to a whopping 30%. Lou & Shannon asked, "Is that fair?" "Should they have a lower starting percentage?" (They jokingly said that they wouldn't want to end up on TikTok with a video of them being accused of being stingy tippers.) 

While they both agreed that tipping is a positive thing and, in most cases, deserving, they had differing opinions on the appropriate amount. One felt that starting at 20% was perfectly fine, while the other believed it could be more or less based on factors such as how often you visit, or the level of politeness and attentiveness displayed by the person serving you. Both hosts agreed that not tipping in such situations would be awkward.


Now, shifting the discussion to those fancy sit-down restaurants. Lou & Shannon made it clear that tipping at such establishments requires an entirely different approach. They emphasized that several factors should be considered, such as the quality of service, friendliness of the staff, and the size of your dining party.

So, what's your take on tipping? Do you still think 20% is the baseline?

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