The chain is one of the largest retailers of bridal gowns, per the Associated Press.

Weddings are stressful.  Couples must find a location convenient for most guests to travel to.  Once that's accomplished, the issue of venue expenses rears its ugly head.  And things have gotten even more complicated in this post-pandemic world since many event halls had waitlists after so many weddings were postponed in 2020 and 2021.

Finding a wedding dress should be one of the more exciting and fun planning activities. But, one of the largest bridal gown retailers just declared bankruptcy for a second time.

According to Associated Press, David's Bridal filed for bankruptcy in New Jersey this morning.  The massive bridal chain could be laying off over 9,000 workers.

The wedding retailer hasn't announced any closures of its 300 stores just yet.  Eight of those stores are located in New Jersey.

I know firsthand that dress troubles can be stressful.  Years ago, when I was planning my Sweet 16, my dress still wasn't ready one week before the big day.  Unfortunately, we learned that the woman who ran her own dress company and promised me a custom gown took our deposit.

My mom and I had to run around town to find a dress that would make me as happy as the one I thought I was getting.  Thankfully, we found a gorgeous dress, but it sure was stressful!

Luckily, New Jersey brides won't suffer the same fate as I did.  The AP notes that David's Bridal is still fulfilling orders in stores and online.  Phew!  I'm glad they can still make wedding dress shopping the wonderful experience it's supposed to be.

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