As summer winds down and the school season gears up, we can't help but reminisce about the stores we miss. These were the spots where we'd scout out the coolest backpacks, the perfect kicks, and all the school essentials.

With everyone buzzing, it's clear many of us are in back-to-school mode, with school kicking off around September 6th to 8th for most of us. So, with this in mind, we hopped over to our Facebook page to hear your thoughts. We asked, "Which stores are you missing most for back-to-school shopping?"

WOBM via Facebook
WOBM via Facebook

The comments poured in, with some definite favorites rising to the top.

Cost Cutters got shout-outs from Cheryl, Patricia, and Gayle, who clearly knew where to score the best deals.

Dedra had a solid list, including Bradlees,

Two Guys, and the staple K-Mart. She said she was thinking about this just last night. Way to read our minds, Dedra!

Others shared their own throwbacks. Deb mentioned Grants, and Patricia R. gave a nod to K-Mart.

Tracy and Jaynie were right there with them, reminiscing about K-Mart. Krissy threw Payless and K-Mart into the mix. Joclyn was also missing K-Mart.

Eric? He had the full lineup: K-Mart, Bradlees, and Caldor. Chrissy threw in a nod to Fashion Bug.


A couple of folks had a different take. Kim and Joyce weren't missing a beat—they were totally content with leaving the back-to-school days behind.

It seems that K-Mart was the clear favorite for most of us. I also have memories of being at K-Mart, picking out different colored notebooks for each class (for some reason, I thought they were like 79 cents each), and grabbing one of their Icees on the way out. Ah, those were the days!

So, with plenty of memories and names dropped, whether these stores are still around or not, it's all part of the back-to-school rituals here at the Jersey Shore!

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