This is a tasty subject, the delicious grilled cheese. Two ingredients, just good cheese, and good bread, that simple. Yes, there are some variations to the sandwich, but in the end, it's all about the cheese and bread. Some like a "sandwich" and some like an "open-face" with just one slice of bread. Maybe you like a slice of tomato on it or some other fixings.




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For me it's simple, I prefer a "sandwich" of two slices of bread (rye) with pepper jack cheese. That's my ideal grilled cheese, but in the end, I usually enjoy most grilled cheese we make at home. When I heard there is a "grilled cheese bar" I thought let's grab a stool and cozy up to this bar lol.

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According to a recent article, which looked at various "hidden gem" restaurants around the nation, New Jersey has one and it's a "grilled cheese bar". According to Love Food, here in the Garden State our "gem" is located in Union County.

This tiny eatery, American Melts, is located in Kenilworth. "American Melts is a ‘build-your-own’ grilled cheese bar and the possibilities are huge – unlike the space inside this tiny box of a café. Filling options include bacon, American cheese, pesto, pickles, portobello mushroom, and sliced apple, served on anything from country white sliced bread to a doughnut. The results are some of the best sandwiches served anywhere."

This sounds both unique and delicious. I want to visit and build my own grilled cheese. They have some great sandwiches like the "Stone Pony" which is Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Country White, Roast Beef, Caramelized Onions, and Horseradish Aioli.



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If you have visited American Melts, let us know what you thought. Post your review below.


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