With the holidays just around the corner, here are your favorite Ocean County restaurants to take family and friends when they visit the Jersey Shore.

I love your opinions and you really delivered on this one. So many of your favorites are a part of this delicious gallery.

Bobex-73, Getty Images
Bobex-73, Getty Images

The restaurants range from pizza to seafood. Some are a little pricey, some are not. It all ranges from great food to the atmosphere in one of these fabulous Ocean County restaurants.

If you love seafood, it made the list. If you love steak, it made the list. If you love a great atmosphere, it made the list. If you love Italian, it made the list. If you love a great family restaurant, it made the list. Most of these places are high on the yelp list for being the best of something. Just another reason to live in Ocean County and this great place.

We have so many wonderful restaurants in New Jersey and love so many of them right here in Ocean County. The best idea for a gift idea is a gift card at one of these twenty five fabulous restaurants.

There are certain restaurants that when friends or family visit from out of town, they remember the names of the restaurants like Xina. We have friends that love Sushi. That's the place we go. Steak, Sushi, pizza, we have the best.

Check out these 25 all-time favorite restaurants in New Jersey:

25 Best Restaurants in Ocean County Chosen By You

We all have our favorite restaurant in Ocean County. I loved putting this photo gallery together because you chose every single one of these fabulously, delicious restaurants in Ocean County.

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