Have you ever found yourself in a position where you’d had to explain to people that you live in a town but not a big town. But, it's bigger than some.  It’s not exactly an easy task!

Why? Probably because if those people in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or wherever can locate the cools town in New Jersey. The "big" towns or cities and the little intimate ones that we love so much in the Garden State.

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So, it shouldn’t surprise you that a couple of towns in New Jersey are the  perfect candidates for Far and Wide’s list of the Best U.S. Towns With Fewer than 10,000 Residents. There are so many towns in New Jersey, from the little beach towns to the rural that would make this list.

While there are thousands of these towns all over America, the publication narrowed it down to 100 and then sorted from from the most to least populated. What that means is things like restaurants, historical landmarks and outdoor activities were NOT a factor when it came to where the towns ranked in the top 100. Two New Jersey Towns did make the list.

Two New Jersey towns named best in America in 2024 with fewer than 10,000 residents, according to farandwide.com.

#1 - Clinton, NJ - Population 2,773

#2 - Cape May, NJ - Population 2,768

We all know how much we love Cape May. It's one of the most beautiful beach towns at the Jersey Shore and beyond. We love our Cape May. Clinton is just as nice for a day of shopping and finding those quaint restaurants that make New Jersey special.

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