I love the Christmas lights in my neighborhood.

This past weekend, the lights came alive in my neighborhood of Bayville. I was so excited to take some pictures and share them with you.

There's nothing better than driving around the neighborhood with the family. It is FREE and it's time spent together. If your neighborhood looks anything like mine, you're in for a real treat.

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This year more than others, I really feel everyone just went all out. I can look down my street and almost every single house has lights shining brightly out front of their home. And, it all of a sudden happened this past weekend. I looked down my street and said, "WOW."

Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

The streets in Bayville are lit up from Ford Avenue and the neighborhood behind ShopRite. Some other neighborhoods were off of Station Avenue.

We also went to Ocean Gate, Bayville by the water, and Pine Beach. The houses all around me look so good. We took a drive on Bayview Avenue and headed to Ocean Gate. There were several houses in Ocean Gate that looked fantastic.

We had a car filled last night with my daughter's friends, they love looking at Christmas lights and the Christmas music was blaring thanks to 92.7 WOBM. We took one of her friends home to Pine Beach, Berkeley Township, and the houses were terrific there, too.

So, do me a favor, tonight if you have a little extra time, drive around your neighborhood and be amazed. Take some snacks, maybe stop and grab a hot chocolate or coffee, and have a blast.

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