If you're heading to Wendy's for lunch, it may cost you $10, maybe $15 or even $20.

You just don't know and you won't find out until you get there.

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Ordering a Bacon Classic, French Fries and chocolate Frosty at noon on let's say a Friday may cost you a little more compared to ordering the same 3 things on a Monday at 3 pm.

Let me explain!

It's called dynamic pricing, which means the cost will fluctuate depending on the current market demand.

New Jersey Wendy's "Michele Pilenza / Townsquare Media"
Michele Pilenza / Townsquare Media

Wendy's Will Start Testing Surge Pricing

We still have a little time before Wendy's starts testing this new feature, but you'll eventually notice the change.

It won't be rolled out until early next year, but I'm curious how many other fast food restaurants will start doing this too. Will this become the norm?

New Jersey Wendy's "Michele Pilenza / Townsquare Media"
Michele Pilenza / Townsquare Media

A Wendy's spokesperson said in a statement to TODAY.com:

Beginning as early as 2025, we will begin testing a variety of enhanced features on these digital menu boards like dynamic pricing, different offerings in certain parts of the day, AI-enabled menu changes and suggestive selling based on factors such as weather.


Michele Pilenza / Townsquare Media
Michele Pilenza / Townsquare Media

Other companies are already going this. Today.com points out how Uber changes their pricing if the demand is high for a driver.

So does this mean the cost of a Frosty may be cheaper during the colder months here in New Jersey and the chili will be more expensive?

Maybe we'll be able to get a good deal ordering a Frosty in February!

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