So what is Guy Fieri’s secret sauce? New Jersey is literally obsessed with him.  I’ve seen the proof.  All we have to do is write about him and our ratings go through the roof.  So I did a deep dive into who the hell this Guy really is to figure out why we all want to be his BFF.

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In case you didn’t realize how big this cat is, the proof is documented by his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Not only that, he’s an Emmy Award-winning TV host, restaurant owner, and New York Times best-selling author yet he's so unassuming that you think he’s just enjoying a burger like the rest of us.    

If you merely skim over the Food Network you’ll see Guy Fieri.  Again, staying true to his roots he got his start by winning Next Food Network Star and he’s been there ever since.  Next came Guy’s Big Bite, Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, Guy’s Grocery Games, Tournament of Champions, and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen. 

He Built A Relatable Brand 

Anyone who is successful in marketing will tell you that you have to have a “thing”. Your logo, your look, your catchphrase or a message that has to scream your brand.  Guy does that by just being him.  He is authentic and we feel it. Also, he keeps what makes him noticeable from a visual standpoint, that blonde spikey hair is unmistakable. 

He Went For It

We love his life.  Guy wanted to be a chef since he was 10 when he built his own soft pretzel stand.  He followed his passion.  Ever vicariously live through someone?  At the very least we see in him someone who is just like us and found a way to make an empire out of it. We think, “good for him!” and he inspires us to do the same. Oh and cheers because he also teamed up with his buddy Sammy Hagar to bring us Santo Tequilla.

He Keeps It Cool

He is just like us at heart.  Let’s face it, this Guy is rich. His net worth exceeds $50 million dollars and he’s just getting started. However, he eats like a local and dresses like your neighborhood Harley hero. 

He Gives Back Bigtime

He gives back constantly.  He helps smaller restaurants get a leg up and he is a big behind-the-scenes giver too.  When he films his Grocery Games show he has a set filled with food and he donates all of it to the food banks he has anything that has been prepared and collected throughout the filming process so local people in need get a hot meal that day.  He also raised over 25 million dollars to help small restaurants stay viable during the pandemic. 

Here are some candid photos of Guy just being the guy we love!

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