According to finance experts, New Jersey's richest county is among the richest counties in the entire state.

We all know that amidst the hard-working New Jersey residents who often live paycheck-to-paycheck here in the Garden State, there are people with a lot of money. A lot of money.

New Jersey Has Some Very Rich Communities

It stands to reason that the areas of the state where wealth seems to be more common would be among the richest areas in the nation.

That is exactly the conclusion of data reported at Yahoo Finance regarding each state's richest county, and how they stack up against the richest counties in all the other states.

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They used a relatively easy formula to determine each state's richest county. They looked at the county's median household income.

How Rich Is New Jersey?

Just for reference, the median household income in America is about $75,000, and New Jersey's median household income is a little over $95,000.

And how about the Garden State's richest county? The median household income is $123,727. That's pretty rich.

The title of the richest county in New Jersey belongs to Morris County, and it puts New Jersey at #8 on the list of all states in this category.

Which County Is The Richest In America?

The richest county in America is Loudoun County In Virginia, with a median household income of $ 156,821, a figure that is more than double the median household income for the rest of the nation.

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