There are a hundred ridiculous intersections here in New Jersey, but I came across one this weekend that just had my blood boiling.

I think it's not a lot to ask not to deal with three traffic lights and two jughandles to get across the street, right?

The Worst Local Intersection In New Jersey?

I'm sure this is not the only intersection like this in the entire state, but it's the one I had to negotiate this weekend, and it had me scratching my head.

It is certainly not the first time I tried to get onto Route 35 South from Route 35 North at the West Park Ave intersection in Oakhurst. So I'm driving along Route 35 North and get into the right lane just before West Park Ave. The light (light #1) is red.

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I'm in the right lane and getting beeped at because someone wants to make the right on red. Finally, the light changes and I jump on the ramp to get on the jughandle (jughandle #1).

Can You Ever Make A Right Turn In New Jersey?

I swing around and the light is red (light #2). I wait for what seems like 5 minutes and the light turns green. I proceed to the next ramp to get on the jughandle (jughandle #2).

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Believe it or not, to add insult to the whole episode. The light on Route 35 South (light #3) was also red. Three red lights and two crowded jughandles to cross the street. Only in New Jersey.

As I said, there are probably examples of this in every town in the state, but that doesn't make this intersection easier. I'm not smart enough to think of it, but there has to be someone smart who can devise a better way.

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