It's time to put down your checkbook. If you love shopping at Target there's no need to bring it anymore since you won't be able to use it.

Shopping at Target will be slightly different for those who like to pay by check. You'll have to bring cash or pay by credit beginning later this month.

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Not many people use checks anymore. Can you remember the last time you paid by check at a store?

I can't either, but I do remember being behind someone recently at the supermarket who was writing a check and thinking to myself, "Wow, people still use checks!"

Not only do I no longer use personal checks, but I hardly ever carry cash anymore. I also rarely use my credit card. Would much rather use Apple Pay. It's easier carrying just my phone and not having to bring a big wallet around with me.

Number of Personal Checks Being Written

According to the Federal Reserve, there's been a steady decline in the total number of checks being written over the past 20 years. Data shows there were around 12 billion checks written in 2021, down from 20.2 billion in 2015.

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Target officials told the New York Post, "While personal checks will no longer be accepted, the store will still take cash, credit and debit cards, Target Circle Cards, digital wallets, SNAP/EBT cards and buy now-pay later services, Target said."

I called my local Target and they said stores will no longer be accepting checks starting July 15th.

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