There are some bad roads in New Jersey, and Garden State drivers have just told us the number one road in the whole state to avoid.

If you drive a lot in New Jersey, your list of roads you try to avoid is a long one. There are plenty of stretches of roadway we all try to stay away from.

Which New Jersey Road Do You Always Avoid?

We recently asked New Jersey drivers across several social media platforms to pick one New Jersey road they avoid more than any other.

It should come as no surprise to you that we received a lot of answers and every one of them had great validity.

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We noticed that there were three answers we saw over and over, and we began to formulate a top three.

The Top Three Were Well Ahead Of The Rest

It turns out that the top three roads in this category were well ahead of any of the other roads that got votes, and the number one road was way ahead of every other road.

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The one road that made the top 3 last time but wasn't there this time was Route 70. It still got a lot of votes, but not as many as these 3 roads.

No road got more votes as the most dreaded road in New Jersey than these three roadways and with good reason.

The Top 3 Most Dreaded Roads In New Jersey

#3 Route 287

#2 Route 9

#1 Route 22

We decided not to break them down into particular stretches of each road, although many of you were very specific, and we appreciate that.

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