New Jersey now has an earthquake to talk about along with its very own volcano. You didn't know there was a volcano in New Jersey?

If you will pardon the pun, we are all still a little bit shaken here in New Jersey about the most significant earthquake we've seen in a century here in the Garden State.

New Jersey Felt The Earth Move

The earthquake measured 4.8 and rattled, homes, businesses, and people's nerves. We are not used to experiencing that here in the Garden State.

We have a lot of things to worry about living in New Jersey, but most of us didn't count earthquakes among them.

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And even as we are still feeling aftershocks in many areas of the state, we are also reminded that there is also a volcano that calls New Jersey home in addition to superstorms and earthquakes.

A Volcano...In New Jersey?

Before you run out to the front yard and put up a "for sale' sign in front of your house, we need to tell you that our volcano is, by far, the least of our worries.

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The bad news is that New Jersey did have volcanic activity once. The good news is that it happened about 420 million years ago.

It is known as the Beemerville Volcano, and it's located in Sussex County. It's sometimes referred to as Ruttan Hill.

We Have Bigger Thing To Worry About Than This Volcano

While the area where the volcano once was is private property now, many curious New Jersey residents do a little hiking nearby to get a glimpse of it.

New Jersey volcanic activity or significant earthquakes are pretty rare, so it looks like the Garden State Parkway on a summer weekend is still currently our biggest worry.

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